4 Surefire Tactics To Get Your Site Overloaded With Traffic

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Want to get tons of traffic to your site? Want to create a site which shows up among the top websites in the world? There are a few ways to guarantee that you get tons of traffic. Is traffic really a valuable thing? If you’re looking at Google analytics it is. If your blood pressure rises every time your traffic goes down, you’re playing the traffic game! So come play the traffic game with me and let me show you a few ways to keep breaking new traffic records.

4 Surefire Tactics To Get Tons of Traffic

Getting traffic can be a dirty game and if your eyes are glued to your Google Analytics or other traffic tracking software, your goal is most likely to increase the numbers. Just like a game of pinball or any basic video game, we keep playing because we want to beat our last record. The same goes for bloggers. They keep playing to beat others and to beat their own traffic records.

Sensationalize People

Stop worrying about the other person’s emotions, they’ll be able to handle it! Talk crap about the leaders of industry but make sure to intermix that with legitimate news articles. You’ll not only anger the leaders but you’ll also get the attention of their followers. It’s a guaranteed way to get some traffic and build some buzz about your website!

Pump Out Tons Of Mediocre Content

What’s that you say about all those typos I made in my last article? Guess what? I don’t care. You know why? Because by pumping out tons of mediocre content, I’ll get “visitors” to keep coming to my site. Yes, my numbers in Google Analytics keep going up because I am trying to go after your keywords by developing a content machine. Any of the remaining keywords that I forget about I’ll leave for you as scraps!

Play The Google Trends Game

Let’s go surfing on the Google News wave! What’s that I hear? That’s the sound of buzz about the latest virus plaguing the web and everybody is searching about it! All I need to do is write an article about it, get indexed by Google news in under a minute or so and suddenly I’ll get thousands of visitors coming to my website to hear about the virus and how to protect themselves. Will they click on anything else? Who really gives a crap when I’m riding a massive wave?!?!?!?!

Turn Half Truths Into Full Truths!

Want gamble away your credibility? Take a rumor which is floating around and confirm it. If you screw this one up you can kiss your credibility goodbye but in the world of the internet, anybody can confirm a story. In a world where the news cycle is dead and information flows freely, you can become the source of information and get tens of thousands of visitors instantly! So go gamble away and either you’ll strike gold or fail miserable. When there is no news cycle you can just set up a new website and try again if you really mess up bad, right?

Why Beating Your Traffic Records Is Worthless

I think you got the point by now. There are plenty of ways to getting tons of traffic but it’s not all valuable. The real problem is that when you are getting tons of traffic, a smaller fraction of your visitors will actually convert into buyers (buyers of your sponsors’ products or buyers of your own products). In addition to potentially scaring away your existing readers, you will attract tons of people that you didn’t originally want coming to the site.

I’ve tried some of the strategies above. In the case of the fourth issue, what’s interesting is that even if the originator of a story is wrong, the crowds will eventually find the truth. While the truth will be found, and your personal integrity may be lost, what you realize is that you were simply a rest stop on a fast highway. With that in mind, what’s the point of testing the system with lies, if you know that the system exists?

Integrity And Quality Content Drives Influence

Rather than spending your days tracking the waves of traffic coming into your site, it makes more sense to believe in the concept of targeted influence. While your numbers may not initially show it, the act of creating interesting content will attract interesting people. Those people who seek out your content are much more likely to make a purchase or contribute to your cause than the random visitors who dropped by because you were looking to boost your numbers.

In other words, the traffic game is pointless. The influence game is what matters and that comes from hard work and a dedication to creating valuable information. Take it from someone who has tried both models. The numbers are as valuable as a name brand clothing item. They may help drive perception but on their own they can never drive true influence.

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