Links Come to StumbleUpon

When I see a large spike in traffic on several of my blogs, I don’t even have to check the logs to know that there’s a good chance it’s folks coming via StumbleUpon (SU).

SU discovers Web sites based on your interests and keeps track of the pages you like in order to deliver similar content. While the ‘stickiness’ of the traffic sent by SU is definitely questionable, most Web site owners are happy for the extra traffic.

What good would a recommendation engine be in mid-2009 with being Twitter-friendly? A step in the right direction for SU is, a URL-shortening service that the site will help bolster its popularity. It’s currently in closed beta, so hang tight.

Like many other URL truncating tools, there is a metric dashboard in the background, tracking how many times your link is clicked and which social networks it has been shared across. One of the cool features is that URLs can be scheduled, giving you more control over when you share these links.

You might be wondering why the world needs another shortening service. Fair question. But the one clear benefit is that SU comes along with a built-in audience, giving users the opportunity for additional distribution. It a link catches fire amongst the SU community, you could be looking at a traffic avalanche.

Right now is utilizing a frame rather than redirecting folks directly to the underlying page. However, once the tool opens to the public, users will have an option of how to display the link.

StumbleUpon has move into a post-eBay-ownership world, and quite honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long to roll out this feature. It is, however, a natural fit with their overall product, and we wish them success.