Supernauts: Build a new Earth in outer space, one square at a time

supernauts 650

Grand Cru’s Supernauts is now available on iPhone and iPad devices, and is described as “the most ambitious [iOS] game of all time.” In the game, the Earth’s polar ice caps have melted, covering a vast majority of the planet in water. This has left survivors trapped on unsafe outcroppings of new islands, with a need for a hero. That hero is you, and you’re challenged with rescuing these survivors and creating a new Earth for them in the middle of space.

Gameplay in Supernauts is split between “Earth-building” and rescuing. Players build their Space Earth one square at a time, and can construct homes, benches, fences and more using materials they collect from robots. One robot may create clay, for instance, which can be turned into bricks in another machine. As players progress, more materials are unlocked, including tile, concrete, wood logs and so on.

These elements can be placed in any shape, large or small, so long as players have the grassy squares available to hold them. It’s a bit like Minecraft, as users can zap squares to remove them, and zap again to place them in any format they’d like. The game allows for intricate builds with its hefty camera controls, which see the perspective changed to any direction with different movements of two fingers on the screen.

As gamers upgrade their Space Earth with additional land squares, machines and citizens, they’ll need to wait (or spend premium currency) to collect additional materials. Users can also head into level-based missions to rescue new citizens or collect more coins for use back in their city.

Missions are isolated puzzles, and see users collecting squares from one area in order to place them elsewhere in the level. For instance, users may need to create a bridge in one stage to give a trapped citizen a path back to safety, while another level sees users disintegrating sand piles with coins or humans trapped underneath.

Back home, users can visit other players’ creations and interact with others in real time. The game will be updated going forward with additional features, including themed building contests.

Supernauts is available to download for free on iOS devices. The game is supported via premium currency, which is used to speed up the construction of new land squares, speed up the production of new building materials, and more.