Super Rewards Parent Company Adknowledge Raises $200M Round for Broad Advertising Expansion

Adknowledge, an established online performance marketing company that bought its way onto the Facebook platform over the last few years through a series of acquisitions, announced today that it has raised a massive $200 million-some round from private equity firm JMI, including debt financing from Bank of America.

While the company has been quite active on Facebook up to this point, the money is going towards a wide range of other areas. From the press release it put out this morning: “In the U.S. and international markets, Adknowledge plans to use the funding to further expand its network so advertisers can access inventory from valuable segments of the long tail marketplace online, such as mobile, video, content sites, and display.”

The company has bought Facebook ad providers large and small, starting with Cubics in December of 2007, continuing with Lookery in November of 2008, Super Rewards in July of 2009, and SocialMedia’s ad network in November of 2009. Today, Cubics and Super Rewards are the two active brands on the platform; both are on Facebook’s new whitelist of ad providers.

Adknowledge’s roots are in the murky world of email marketing and online performance advertising, but it has steadily built out a performance bidding system that can help developers and web site owners optimize ads to match quality ads with users’ particular interests. It has been integrating Cubics and Super Rewards in with this service.

Under the Adknowledge umbrella, those companies have also been expanding across other social networks and gaming sites. They’ve needed to as Facebook has been moving to make all virtual goods payment methods go through Credits. While the ad network business won’t be affected, Facebook’s moves will eventually cut out Super Rewards from the Facebook platform.