Super Rewards Brings Offer Wall Service to Flash Games for the Web

Monetization service providers that first got traction on Facebook are continuing to diversify, with the latest example being offer company Super Rewards. It has just launched a new version of its offer wall, intended for Flash game developers who distribute their creations across the web. The service is basically the offer wall that Super Rewards already provides, but available for developers to embed within their Flash game interfaces. Advertising offers are performance ads, drawn from various ad networks and advertisers, and users can participate in the ads in exchange for virtual currency in games.

Super Rewards is letting people who play Flash games that use virtual currency take these offers and earn the currency without having to leave the game page. In this example, you can see how it works: Click on “get more coins” and you’ll see the offer window appear overlaying the game. Then you take the offers, get the currency, and buy virtual goods within the game.

While the company offered a way to add offer walls via an XML integration, the new service allows developers to do so in what it says takes less than an hour. Developers can check out the implementation information here. Other companies that provide in-Flash payment services include Jambool and its Social Gold product. We should note that social games on Facebook that use Flash normally include offer walls on separate pages within applications.

Super Rewards, a part of online advertising company Adknowledge, hasn’t announced any developer partners yet. But the service is live, so we expect implementations to start popping up soon.

Offer quality has been an issue for basically all offer providers on Facebook, and Super Rewards has been trying to improve what offers appear where. Here’s what the company tells us about its efforts for Flash developers: “All the functionality of the core SuperRewards product applies to this including the industry’s first white and black listing functionality. We work as closely as we possibly can with both platforms and publishers to ensure that our offers meet both the letter and the spirit of platform guidelines as well as more specific controls that the publisher wishes to apply.”