The Super Bowl Web Video Ad Blitz

LiveRail sees volume spike threefold

Last week, execs at Google said that they anticipated advertisers would start treating the Super Bowl as a promotional season—one that kicks off the day after Christmas.

There's lots of evidence of brands hyping their Super Bowl spots earlier and earlier this year. Here's more:

According to the Web video ad tech firm LiveRail, Super Bowl advertisers are cranking up their Web video ad spends 48 hours before and after the Super Bowl. According to Troels Smit, LiveRail's vp, demand sales, the video ad sector is seeing three times as much ad spend changing hands right around the Super Bowl compared to normal. Particularly intense is the 12 hour period immediately after Sunday's game, especially among the big alcohol, fast food and auto brands advertising in the big game, though LiveRail declined to say which brands are involved.

"These brands are going really big," said Smit. "We're seeing it from both guaranteed deals and in RTB. Particularly on sports, music and entertainment sites."

LiveRail's data is short on specifics—i.e. real spending numbers. But the company claims to have insight into 20 percent of the total U.S. online video ad market—a clear enough view that it's able to gauge the market's health, said COO Brian Kane. "We see as much as anyone," he said.

The company is also seeing more brands pumping pre and post Super Bowl money into Xbox ads, other connected TV outlets, and mobile video. In those sectors, CPMs are climbing and inventory is scarce, said Smit.

"The brands know that fans are not just going to watch the ads on TV," he added.