The Emotions Of Super Bowl Fans On Twitter

The Emotions Of Super Bowl Fans On Twitter

The Super Bowl has been a social media phenomenon as much as a sports phenomenon in recent years, with the players, commercials and halftime show earning millions of tweets, status updates and blog posts.

And many of these social posts came in the height of emotion – excited or disappointed fans tweeting their passion. So just how emotional were football fans during the sport’s biggest event?

MWW took a look at the emotional state of football fans during Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

To find out whether fans were jumping for joy or pulling their hair in anguish, MWW examined tweet volume, emotional keyword volumes and sentiment.

The below graphic maps out Denver and Seattle fans as they responded on Twitter to the trials and tribulations of their teams. Interestingly, Seattle fans appeared to be more positive overall throughout the entire game (and especially at the end!).

The halftime show was an uplifting event for both sides, as Bruno Mars soothed fans’ spirits. But almost immediately following the show Denver fans fell into a funk that they didn’t recover from. Seattle fans remained in great spirits until the end of the game.

Take a look at the graphic below for a timeline of Super Bowl emotions on Twitter (click to enlarge):


(Source: MWW; Football fans image via Shutterstock)

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