Sundown on Sunset


Fug It Up at the Bloggies
Bloggie voting continues until next week, and Los Angeles bloggers Heather and Jessica are up for a number of awards, despite being snubbed by the 95 year-old geezers who selected the Forbes 25 Web Celebs.

Keane at the Wiltern
If you missed them on Ellen, you could try for tickets.

FBLA Meets HushHush
And while we’re not on either list, we were invited to audition for VH1’s new gossip show, HushHush. So, wearing a lot of lipstick (Nars Catfight), we got to hang around with Lisa Timmons of A Socialite’s Life, Tiffany Stone and some other people whose names we didn’t catch. Merriment ensued in front of the greenscreen.

Thanks to the mass email sent out by the production company (for next time: blind cc:), FBLA made new bloggy pals, and wants everyone concerned to meet for drinks.

Even though FBLA isn’t really a celebrity gossip blog, one of us had the best gossip of the whole group–seems a certain young star has quite a talented tongue. She’s supposed to be a singer, after all.