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Points of Reference
Peter Bart had an open letter to Tom Cruise, in which he advised the couch-bouncing
mega-star to:

Remember, however, that UA in its banner days under Arthur Krim and David Picker built its reputation by welcoming mavericks and outsiders. Tony Richardson was hardly a hot Hollywood director when Picker signed him for “Tom Jones” (which won an Oscar).

How many readers thought he meant a bio-pic of the singer? How many readers thought that Cruise thought he meant a bio-pic of the singer?

WANTED: Canadian Trucker with CHARACTER.

Craigslist/Los Angeles tv/video/radio/jobs

Documentary series looking for a Canadian trucker with Class 1 license and television appeal to drive the Ice Roads in NT for two months this winter. The adventure is cold and trying, but profitable with all expenses paid. If interested, please call:

Let’s try to think logically, here, shall we? You want a Canadian trucker, so you advertise in the Los Angeles, California edition. Why?

Try to have a nice weekend. Just try.