Sunday Morning Show Quotes – 8.31.14

sunday-shows_304Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Andrea Mitchell on comments made by President Obama in January that ISIS is ‘the JV team’ : “Well, I think it’s wrong too. I think it’s a major varsity team, if you want to use those kinds of monikers. But I see nothing that compares with its viciousness. I’ve been on the intelligence committee now since before 9/11, and I’ve watched this evolution of non-state actors into world terror very carefully and closely.”

“And this is really the first group that has the wherewithal in terms of financing, the fighting machine in terms of a structure — a heavy equipment, heavy explosives, the ability to move quickly. I mean, they crossed the border into Iraq before we even knew it happened. So this is a group of people who are extraordinarily dangerous. And they’ll kill with abandon.”

Mubin Shaikh, former jihadist, asked by Martha Radditz “What was it about you that was willing to go along with this?” on ABC’s “This Week” : “I think it’s the same case for many of these individuals, identity crises. You don’t know. You’re trying to navigate the space in the West, how Muslim am I supposed to be and how much does — how Western am I supposed to be and how much does that conflict and contradict with one another…And you’re going to go towards those who welcome you with open arms. That’s really what it comes down to.”

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on the President’s speech last week and action in response to ISIS threat on CBS’s “Face the Nation” : “…the president of the United States is either in denial or overwhelmed.”

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Select Intelligence Committee chairman, on “FOX News Sunday” with Chris Wallace : “So, there have been plans on the table. The president just did not want to get engaged in any way. That is a decision, that is a policy, that is a strategy, and it’s not working.”