Summer is Off to a Crap Start for Urban Outfitters

I heart California from the truche jewelry line

Urban Outfitters might not be enjoying the Memorial Day weekend as much as the rest of us now that a jewelry copycat caper is ping-ponging all over social media.

Earlier this week, a jewelry designer simply known as Stevie with a Tumblr account, i make shiny things, and an Etsy store called truche wrote a post about how Urban Outfitters stole her design. Everything right down to the name of the line of trinkets. “The World/United States of Love line that I created is one of the reasons that I was able to quit my full-time job,” wrote the designer.

Her story is getting major pick up, with some commenters calling for a boycott.

*Update after the jump.

The retailer tweeted that its looking into the situation, and Consumerist says the jewelry has already been pulled from the site. According to Stevie, this isn’t a first for Urban Outfitters. This is something they will need to address before a reputation as a big corporate thief sets in with indie-loving consumers.

*Update: In a blog post, Urban Outfitters affirms its support for independent designers and denies it copies its state jewelry design from Stevie aka Stephanie Koerner. According to the post, other designers have used the design before Koerner, so the origin of the design is in doubt.

“Normally we would not respond publicly to Koerner’s allegations, but we believe the media response to her campaign is threatening to impact the dozens of independent designers we work with on a daily basis. For many of them, having their work sold at Urban Outfitters is a very positive turning point in their careers, and we will not allow their hard work and commitment, or ours, to be undermined by these false allegations,” the statement reads.

So this definitely isn’t an apology, and there’s a whiff of arrogance in this response. Read closely, the statement doesn’t say explicitly that Urban Outfitters didn’t copy the design, just that you can’t prove it was copied from Stevie or any other designer in particular. Just saying…

[h/t PR Daily]