Summary of Beacon Drama

beacon.pngI’m sure Facebook’s PR team didn’t get much rest this weekend, as media coverage of the privacy implications of Facebook’s Beacon program surged late in the week. Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened and what people are saying:

CA Security Advisor Research Blog

Facebook is recording what you do when you’re on Beacon-enabled sites, even when you’re logged out of Facebook, and that’s not cool. Not only that, but their Customer Service team is “materially misrepresenting” what’s really going on.

NY Times Bits Blog

Coke is backing out of using Beacon even though it was a “Landmark Partner” at the Nov 6th launch event. Coke is saying it thought Beacon was going to be different than it is (?).

Dare Obasanjo’s Blog

It’s going to be hard to fix Beacon without completely re-doing it.