Facebook Temporarily Disables Suggest to Friend Option on Pages to Fix Bug

Due to a bug that was causing the multi-friend selector to not load properly, Facebook has temporarily removed the “Suggest to Friends” option from Pages. Rather than allow users to encounter the error, Facebook removed the feature’s link from Pages until it can fix the bug. Admins can still see the link, but it is dysfunctional.

Other news outlets have reported that Facebook purposefully removed the feature, which would have hampered Page growth, but this is not the case.

Update: Facebook has now confirmed that users can no longer access Suggest to Friends. Admins can still use this feature. For more information about Suggest to Friends, visit our 4/27/2011 article Facebook Revamps Page Suggestions, Adds Page Invites Manager to Page Browser.

Page admins should not fret, as their users will soon regain the ability to invite friends to Like a Page. Admins who try to click the Suggest to Friends link on Pages they control will see a gray line appear but no way to select friends.

The Suggest to Friends feature helps Pages grow socially. Though Facebook prohibits Pages from specifically incentivizing users to invite their friends, some Pages like that of Lil Wayne use the “About” box located just below the link to draw attention and encourage users to click it. These calls to action will seem confusing until Facebook reactivates the feature and restores the link to Pages.

If users or reporters are ever confused by a broken or removed feature, they can check the Known Issues on Facebook Page. It posts updates that can help them determine if the problem is only occurring for them, and whether Facebook is aware and working on a solution.