Subways Crippled By Flooding

Thanks to massive flooding, the New York subway system and commuter rail lines serving the city are largely shut down this morning, with numerous lines not running or with extensive (think two trains per hour) delays.

More specifically:

  • The E and L trains are completely shut down.
  • No R train service is available between Canal Street and DeKalb Avenue.
  • No 2 or 3 train service is available between Wall Street and Borough Hall.
  • No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 service in Manhattan.
  • Significant portions of the F, J, Q and B lines are shut down.
  • Numerous station closings and service disruptions on Metro North, NJ Transit and the Long Island Railroad.
  • Extensive delays at LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark Airport.

    NYC Transit advises commuters to stay home. If you’re outside of the area, well… we think New York media companies will be taking things just a bit more slowly today.

    Note: Due to limited bandwidth, the MTA website is currently down. For service updates, please consult NY1 and Gothamist.