Tries E-Commerce With Print Spinoff

Reverse publishing foray announced

At a time when the fashion world is increasingly moving online, is going straight in the other direction with the launch of a glossy print magazine. Announced Monday, Magazine is a reverse publishing move by Fairchild Fashion Media.

It’s also a foray into e-commerce. Set for release right after spring 2012 runway shows end Oct. 5, the first issue will aim at the fashion-obsessed by featuring items from six designers that will be available for purchase on

The title is entering a crowded fashion magazine market at an uncertain economic time. But for Fairchild, Condé Nast’s business-to-business unit which is run by president and CEO Gina Sanders, it represents a way to diversify its business. The magazine will look for ad support and will be sold on newsstands in select cities in North America and Europe. (For those who can’t wait for the Oct. 31 on-sale date, the magazine can be preordered for $4.99 online.) Fairchild is said to be aiming for two issues next year.

The magazine is being developed by Dirk Standen, the editor of, aided by part-time employees and staff. The team includes creative director Lina Kutsovskaya, late of Nylon and Teen Vogue, as well as Nicole Phelps, executive editor, and Tim Blanks, contributing editor. released a statement saying the new magazine will "chart the highs and lows, the triumphs and setbacks, the public and private moments on the journey from New York to Paris, catwalk to sidewalk, backstage to after-party. It's the season from every angle. It's a magazine for fashion obsessives by fashion obsessives.”