Stumbleupon Referrals Drive More Traffic, Last Longer Than Facebook And Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social media revolution that we’ve experienced over the past five years or so has made it easy to overlook other proven methods of driving traffic online – often at our cost.

Sure, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become hugely important for brands and marketers, allowing them to easily move huge amounts of eyeballs to their websites (and products), but this is still a relatively new concept. Links shared via email are still the largest source of traffic for most businesses. And while it’s true that some social bookmarking sites have fallen by the wayside, others, such as Stumbleupon and Reddit, have gone from strength-to-strength.

Indeed, and according to data from Statcounter, Stumbleupon drives more traffic than any other social platform – 50.34 percent of of website referrals came from Stumbleupon between August and September 2011. Facebook placed second (37.4 percent), ahead of Reddit (4.26 percent) and Twitter (3.23 percent).

Former king-of-traffic Digg now commands just a 0.44 percent share of referrals. Although that was still good enough to beat LinkedIn.

Moreover, the ‘half-life’ of links shared on Stumbleupon – the point in time when a link has garnered half of the engagement it will ever get – is 400 hours, well ahead of Facebook (3.2 hours) and Twitter (2.8 hours).

Stumbleupon has expanded upon their importance as a traffic source with this new infographic (from visualization gurus Column Five Media), which includes some additional insights.

Bottom line? As important and influential as Twitter and Facebook are, brands would be wise not to put all of their eggs – and resources – into just these one or two baskets.

(Source: Stumbleupon. Top image credit: amasterphotographer via Shutterstock.)