StumbleUpon CEO Steps Aside; Search for New CEO Begins

StumbleUpon, the Firefox add-on turned social discovery site, has announced that CEO and Founder Garrett Camp is stepping into a new role as chairman and looking for a new CEO.  In a blog post at the StumbleUpon blog, Garrett said his farewells and thanked his coworkers after 10 years of effort and a twisting adventure.

StumbleUpon was in fact purchased by eBay in 2007, but after a few years of what was probably a whole series of cross-functional team meetings with other parts of eBay, Garrett led the company back out on its own by 2009.  That was around the time StumbleUpon began to resurface as a competitor to sites like Digg and Reddit — they’d returned with a vengeance and a simpler way to browse great content.

The site regained its former status and jumped from 5 million to 25 million registered users over the last 3 years under Garrett’s supervision.  On the blog, Garrett states that “I’ve always been most excited when focused on new features, product design and strategy – coming up with the next big idea.”  This is part of the reason why he is stepping into a new position as Chairman of the StumbleUpon board, so he can guide overall vision and free up his time for his own ventures.

This means that the company is looking for a new CEO to lead the way.  This person will likely be a business minded individual, if my hunches are correct — Garrett is the visionary who needs a CEO who wants to turn SU’s big traffic into money and personal bonuses.

Read the StumbleUpon blog post here.

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