Study: Women Love Social Media More Than Men (Unless It’s LinkedIn)

Pew's stats bode well for all major platforms

Women use every major social media channel more than men—except for LinkedIn—according to a Pew Research study released today.

Pew found that 76 percent of online U.S. adult females use Facebook, compared to 66 percent for online males, while fairly similar women/men percentage splits exist for Twitter (18 percent/17 percent), Instagram (20/17) and Pinterest (33/8). Indeed, one-third of women are now using Pinterest. But then there's LinkedIn: the researcher said 24 percent of Internet-using men employ the site compared to 19 percent of women. 

Every major platform, Pew says, has experienced an uptick in users compared to December 2012, as 73 percent of online consumers now utilize at least one social media channel and 42 percent use multiple ones. Instagram made particularly strong gains in the last year with 18-to-29-year-olds (up nine percentage points to 37 percent) and African Americans (up 11 percentage points to 34 percent), the researcher said.

The findings are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International group during late summer. It surveyed 1,801 adults older than 18 years of age in English and Spanish.

Check out the full Pew study here.

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