STUDY: Response to #CallMeCaitlyn Has Been Overwhelmingly Positive

Meltwater has the data.

One of the more surprising elements of the recent Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair story and the lead-up to the star’s coming reality show was a lack of negative reactions in media.

Sure, you had some heckling–but generally speaking, most mentions were positive. New data from Meltwater puts that observation into numerical form.

From June 1-3, the company monitored more than 600,000 statements on the story via Twitter, Facebook, and the dreaded comments sections of related articles.

They found:

  • 72 percent of all comments were positive
  • Only 28 percent were negative

The top terms trending in these positive comments were courage, stunning, bravery and inspiration. A small part of this trend may be attributed to such “influencers” as Lady Gaga and President Obama, who tweeted supportive statements:

If researchers had narrowed their survey to only include certain news sources, the percentage of negative comments would certainly be higher.

But their goal was to measure the sentiments of social media users around the world. The conversation primarily occurred in the U.S. (65 percent), though readers in the U.K. (11 percent), Canada/Brazil (4 percent each) and China (3 percent) also contributed.

Who deserves the credit for this overwhelmingly positive response? Jenner’s PR team, of course. Various sources now claim that Jenner recently “fired” former spouse/manager Kris Jenner and chose Alan Nierob of Rogers & Cowan (which never officially advised him) to help break the Vanity Fair story.

Commentary on the Jenner “launch” from Kaveh Rostampor of Meltwater:

“The public emergence of Caitlyn Jenner has led to overwhelming social and media interest. While respecting the brave decision of Caitlyn, you also have to doff your cap to the masterminded public outing, which had all the hallmarks of a truly slick brand launch.

From teaser soundbites and media leaks to a chat show segment and celebrity endorsement, Meltwater data shows how proficiently her team overcame potential negativity and mocking to achieve 72% positive reaction on social media. In no uncertain terms, #CallMeCaitlyn is an example of the perfect campaign.”

It certainly inspired less trolling and negative op-eds than expected. Various GOP officials (some of whom are running for president) have even called outspoken Republican Jenner “welcome” in their party.

If that’s not progress, we don’t know what is.