Study: Mobile Coupon Redemptions to Skyrocket

According to a new study from Juniper Research, mobile coupon redemptions are expected to reach 200 million worldwide by 2013, RCR Wireless News reports.

Japan and Korea currently boast the most mature mobile coupon markets, the article said, though “the United States and Europe are showing growth across all the major retail sectors, including restaurants, entertainment, shopping and grocery.” North America, Western Europe, and the Far East will see the most growth up through 2013, however; it will be interesting to see how emerging cell-phone-as-credit-card technologies tie in with this over time.

“Today the overwhelming majority of coupons are paper-based, but the mobile phone is the ultimate individual marketing device and mobile coupon pilots show greatly increased redemption rates—often double digit percentages,” said Howard Wilcox, the author of the study, in the article.

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