Study: Mobile Capabilities Are Necessary for Workplace Efficiency

Even though our smartphones do a pretty good job keeping us connected, many employees still have trouble communicating with coworkers outside office walls.  According to a recent study by Qumu, four out of five (81.6 percent) corporate communicators say it is difficult to communicate with coworkers when they are out of the office.  This can pose a serious problem in the PR industry, in which so many employees are out traveling or working events.

The solution?  Mobile videos, according to Qumu.  The study goes on to state that 77.1 percent of corporate communicators say adoption of technologies that enable a mobile workforce would increase efficiency.

Respondents to the study say they see great value in the ability to upload video from events and tradeshows via mobile device. And 79.4 percent said they’d like to have live video access to collaborate with colleagues. Further, certain videos would have to be made confidential, such as a CEO addressing company finances or the description of future products.

Qumu’s survey (done with help from Ragan Communications) is released alongside its newly-enhanced Video Control Center platform, which, you guessed it, will now include support for mobile phones.  The service could come in handy for out-of-town PRs, and could help avoid or address some potentially disastrous crises when they arise. On hundred corporate communicators were surveyed.

Do you think mobile videos can improve communication among PR pros? For more on this study, click here.

-By Andrea Hackett