Study: Clickthrough rate continues to rise as reach drops on Facebook


Pages’ posts reach a smaller amount of their Facebook fanbase, but those who do see posts are engaging more and clicking on posts — according to a study by Komfo.

The study took into account 8,000 brand pages internationally from August 2013 to August 2014, finding that overall clickthrough rate is up 48 percent year-over-year, but fan penetration is down 55 percent year-over-year.

Komfo notes that in August 2013, the brand pages monitored were reaching 25.2 of their audience. That was cut to 14.53 percent in November, and now sits at 11.34 percent.

However, just as Facebook said, fans who do see a page’s posts are the most likely to click through content. Anna Brill Jørgensen, Komfo’s Marketing Manager commented on what this tells us about the current state of Facebook marketing:

This tells us that social media marketers are transitioning from seeing Facebook as a free platform for brand messages, where the success criteria is to get as many updates pushed out to as many people as possible, into focusing on the value of true dialogue and engagement.

Of course, Facebook is also encouraging brands to make more engaging content by rewarding page posts with high CTR by showing them to more users.

As page admins have reported widespread reductions in organic reach (and many see that paid reach is getting harder to come by, too), Facebook notes that the trade-off is higher CTR and higher engagement. Facebook’s reasoning with the reach reduction is that messages are getting to the people who would be most likely to take an action. However, the decreased reach metric continues to leave a bad taste in page admins’ mouths and make them a little less willing to become serious advertisers.

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