Study: Brand Posts on Facebook are Written at Fifth-Grade Level or Below

There are over 15 million companies and brands on Facebook. What can marketers learn from their posts?

brand post

brand post

The Marketing Maven’s Guide to Facebook by Track Maven is based on a survey of nearly 1.6 million posts from more than 5,800 brand Facebook pages with at least 1,000 likes.

The study found the average brand post is written at a fifth-grade reading level, which is younger than the network’s requirement for new users, who must be 13-years-old (seventh or eighth grade).

The study’s highlights include:

  • Just over 67 percent of brand posts are written at a fifth grade level or below.
  • Lunchtime posts are most popular, but posts written between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. see higher interactions per hour.
  • Fewer than one in six posts contain hashtags, but hashtags increase engagement by 60 percent.
  • Posts with exclamation points more than double engagement.
  • Posts with photos are 37 percent more effective than text-based posts.

The good news is that the report encourages brands to move beyond the simple like-and-share model of engaging consumers and increase the amount of words per post. Posts with the lowest number of words (10 to 19) see the least amount of engagement, while posts between 80 and 89 words increase engagement by more than six percent.

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