STUDY: 84% of Vegans Return to Being Meatheads

vegetarian bacon

Just when herbivores — be they vegan or vegetarian — thought they had all this good mojo going into the holidays and didn’t have to make that hapless “I’ll start dieting” resolution, comes some bad news and buyer’s remorse.

According to the Humane Research Council, more than 84 percent of all veggie lovers relapse to the tune of a steak dinner. And then, Che Green, executive director of the HRC, provides the Captain Obvious moment of 2014:

“It’s obviously a negative for animals.”

Good one, Che.

That’s right, fitness trainers, PETA fans, and all you acolytes of Whole Foods, only 1 of 5 people maintain a commitment to the vegan life. Shout out to my homies in Texas, just sayin’.

As shared by Psychology Todaythe study sample was a huge one — 11,399 adults “of all dietary stripes,” whatever that means. The findings, on the other hand, are easy to decipher:

Of U.S. adults age 17 and over:

  • 2% are current vegetarians/vegans
  • 10% are former vegetarians/vegans
  • 88% have never been vegetarian or vegan

And now this. The name of the game with vegans or vegetarians is obvious: retention. How do they keep them from thinking about a succulent roasted chicken, a tomahawk ribeye, or even all that turkey and pig many people just hurled down their gullet?

Sure, there’s only so much one can do for the taste of grass, straw, and whatever unforsaken materials make up tofu, but maybe this blow to PR will help.