STUDY: 4 out of 5 People Believe There Is an ‘I’ in Team

This life we have chosen as flacks is one of many aspects — creativity, spur-of-the-moment decisions, crisis planning and preparation, multitasking, but specifically, relationship building.

It’s a primary facet of everything we do. From working with the media to learning about clients, building a team to reinforcing a brand, if you don’t strive to create relationships in all that you do, consider picking up an application at Mickey D’s on the way to work tomorrow.

And if that is you, buck up, lil’ camper. Evidently, you are not alone thanks to a new study developed by the University of Phoenix.

In fact, 84 percent (more than four-in-five) of working adults believe working on teams in the workplace is difficult. Of working adults who think teams often fail in the workplace, more than three-in-five (61 percent) say there is not enough training.

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Now, I don’t know if training is the issue or the lack of care you bring to the table about wanting teams to work. Regardless, this study is staggering for flacks. Surveys tend to be a psychograph of humanity, so what does this say about people currently in public relations?

Other numbers brought to light in this survey:

  • 45 percent feel there is an “in-it-for-one’s-self” mentality in the workplace
  • Workload is also an issue, with 40 percent of working adults citing fewer employees are doing more work, which causes for less time for team efforts
  • Electronic communication is also a barrier, with 35 percent of working adults saying that emails, instant messaging and other electronic communications have reduced the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with co-workers

While I concur that all of these issues certainly exist in an agency (e.g., backstabbers, apathy, fear of pitching), none of those should change who you are when it comes to developing personal relationships. Because when you are asked to pack a box, that is about the only thing you can take with you — your network.

Although there is a reversed “ME” in “Team,” I have an idea. “T-E-I-A-M.” Problem solved. You’re welcome.