Students Allegedly Racially Profiled by Marco Rubio Staffers

Wonder if Rubio's teammate "knows exactly what he is doing?"

Marco Rubio pretty much wishes he could have a do-over in the New Hampshire primary.

After he was called out and slammed for having a robot answer his questions during the GOP debate, he went back into his campaign bus to try and discover the elixir he used to have as a charming alternative to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

But the hits just keep coming. This time from two alleged bigots on his New Hampshire staff who had an adverse reaction to two NYU students possessing a camera.

Meet NYU professor Yvonne Latty:


Her two students — Taisha Henry and Ugonma Ubani-Ebere — told BuzzFeed News that they were “standing in front of the press line, considering how to best set up a camera and tripod.” You know? What journalism students would do in a perfect world.

To the staffers’ slight defense, the students admittedly did not have press credentials and agreed not to tape the event, but Henry and Ubani-Ebere both suggest they were consistently given the stink eye anyway.

The students noted that non-credentialed white student standing behind them (and in this picture) was filming and wasn’t bothered, but whatevs.

Asked by Wired why the students would have been hassled like they were at the event, Michael Zona, Rubio’s New Hampshire communications director said, “I would have to gather more information about the situation.”

For the record, said comms director is still gathering and not commenting to these allegations. I’m sure there’s an already used and canned talking point in there somewhere.

[PHOTO: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

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