This Little Known Tool Will Rescue You From Bad Dates

Set up on a blind date and worried it will be a disaster so you plan an escape route and arrange to have your friend call your cell phone in the middle of dinner? So 20th century. The new solution? It’s just a text away. If you’ve ever been stuck on a date, bored in a meeting or just in need of a good excuse to leave, you’ll want to keep reading.

We bring you, a new, automated texting service and the 21st century solution to that age-old problem: get me out of here! Instead of having to pre-arrange a fake text or phone call to save you, automates the process and dispatches text messages and phone calls on demand.

The best news is, it’s easy. Just store the number in your phone under whatever contact name will work best for your little escape route, i.e. boss, best friend, mom, whatever. Then, before the big event, just send a text to the service dictating the text or call you want and when you want it. You can also customize the text or voice message by including an alternative message in your request.

So when your date starts talking about his ex’s or your coworker starts revealing one too many details, you can just pull out your phone, show them the “emergency” text and voila, you’re off the hook. is a free service but regular text messaging rates apply