Katie Kindelan

What Happens When Your Password Protector is Hacked?

What do you do when the service you trust to protect your passwords is possibly hacked?  LastPass users just found out.  What exactly happened?

Next-Generation Zuckerbergs Use Privacy To Sell the Next Facebook

Privacy, privacy, privacy.  And a little social networking too.  That’s the pitch being made by the newest generation of Mark Zuckerbergs as they try to crack into the social networking […]

Legislative Update: ‘Do Not Track’ Advances from California to Capitol Hill

Legislation that would dramatically change the way online advertising and Web companies are allowed to collect and retain consumers’ personal data is moving forward in the U.S., from sea to […]

South Korean Police Raid Google’s Office — What Does It Mean to the U.S?

How do consumers and the feds respond to potential privacy breaches on mobile phones?  Depends on where you are.  In the United States, lawmakers call for hearings, while consumers go to […]

Who’s Behind the Wheels of a ‘Digital Driver’s License’?

If kids thought waiting until they were 13 to join Facebook was bad, how about adding the drama of a ‘digital driver’s license’ to the test?  That’s the idea proposed […]

How Are iPhone and Android Users Fighting Back Over Location-Sharing?

Forget emails to Steve Jobs and blog ranting, iPhone and Android users are taking their privacy complaints straight to the courtroom.  Two Michigan women have sued Google over location data […]

What Should the U.S. State Department Do on Social Media?

So long digital projects, hello social media. The U.S. State Department has quietly abandoned its America.gov site to refocus its efforts on Twitter, Facebook and the like. Call it #USDIPLOMACY, and tell us what you think State should be doing to reach out, worldwide through social media.

What Should a ‘Parent Resource Center’ for Social Networking Contain? [INTERVIEW]

A new study in the U.K. found that half of parents with children aged 5-15 and 70 percent of parents with kids ages 12-15 admit they know less about the Internet than their children do, even as the number of kids online keeps growing, and the dangers for kids online get worse. What do you believe a parent needs to know when it comes to social media and kids?

Steve Jobs Chimes In, Via Email, on Smartphone Tracking

How do you solve a privacy breach like smartphone location tracking? If you’re a Member of Congress, you very publicly tweet, send a letter or issue a statement. If you’re an iPad or iPhone user, you quietly email Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs. Guess who got a response?

Will the U.S. Look to Europe as a Guide to Protect Kids Online?

Just days after releasing a headline-grabbing study showing the ‘kids aren’t alright,’ when it comes to their online safety, the European Union has initiated a new, strict set of rules for social network sites. Could the United States be far behind? Should America’s leaders follow suit?