Strutta Takes On Facebook Timeline With Mighty Apps

Strutta Media rolled out a suite of five applications for pages on Facebook in anticipation of Friday's mandatory conversion to timeline.

Strutta Media rolled out a suite of five applications for brand pages on Facebook in anticipation of Friday’s mandatory conversion to timeline.

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based social media marketing firm said its Mighty Apps suite, priced at $99 per month, includes usage on an unlimited number of pages, with no fan limits, of a fairly standard offering of apps:

  • Bulletin Board, which allows page managers to share content, stories, and news, as well as adding Twitter and RSS feeds;
  • Coupon, which offers the ability to provide exclusive deals to Facebook users who have liked pages;
  • Form, which enables page managers to collect data, feedback, contacts, and sign-ups;
  • Media Gallery, which adds the ability to import content from Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo; and
  • Voting Gallery, which creates voting competitions and polls.

Strutta’s Mighty Apps will be available free of charge for the first month, and the company revamped its website to incorporate:

  • Easier navigation, including a quick-access toolbar;
  • A redesigned dashboard to monitor live campaigns and metrics; and
  • Expanded reports for campaign activity, history, and demographics.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Pickering said:

Having worked with thousands of clients over the years, many of them wanted us to create a simplified suite of social marketing tools that would engage and monetize their Facebook fans without costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, per month. We created our new Mighty Apps to deliver the creative design and world-class user experience people expect from Strutta — at a price that will be attractive to organizations and marketing agencies of any size.