Viral Radar: An Incredible Story Of Survival In Japan

Over the past week and a half we have witnessed scenes of destruction in Japan across the Web. Videos of the tsunami ravaging towns, devastating whole villages, and destroying homes have become commonplace at the top of YouTube’s charts, garnering millions of views. Today a harrowing story of survival is rising the viral charts. Although the video is traumatic, it is still an inspiring story of survival, showcasing some of the heroes of Japan’s recent disaster.

The video, a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show, features a news crew that had their camera rolling when the tsunami hit Northeastern Japan earlier this month. They kept the camera rolling as they answered the all-important question of whether to stay in their cab or make a run for it, and captured their narrow escape, as well as the aftermath, in which they helped rescue nearby victims who were trapped on top of cars and in trees. As Maddow says, “It is an incredible moment, and it is incredible that it was captured on film.”

We have seen the destruction from a distance – helicopter footage of cars and homes being washed away – and photographs of the aftermath. But this is one of the first videos we have seen of victims actually experiencing the tsunami. It really is heart wrenching to see what they went through and it really is incredible that they caught this amazing story of survival on tape. If you’ve seen any other incredible stories like this one, please feel free to share it with us.

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