Storify Acquired by Livefyre

Storify has been acquired by social curation site Livefyre, pledging to build “the world’s leading social curation company.”

Storify co-founders Xavier Damman and Burt Herman will stay with the company, “along with Storify employees from product, engineering and support.” We’ve used Storify for years to collect Twitter and Facebook conversations, a great tool to preserve fleeting commentary on social networks. Storify created a Storify post about the acquisition, we’ve embedded that below. Check it out:

We still firmly believe that social media is changing not only the news but fundamentally how media works everywhere, and we’ve seen this reflected in the stories that more than 850,000 Storify users have created so far … Livefyre’s mission is to “power social everywhere.” They started by building a commenting system for websites, and are now powering real-time conversation and social curation for more than 400 major publishers, media companies and brands online. Their network sees more than 1 billion pageviews per month.

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