Stocking stuffers: 7 Unique pens and pencils

Every reporter needs a good writing instrument, even if you’re the most tech-savvy digital journalist in existence (you’ll never have to reboot a pen or pencil). Make sure your writing tool is as good as your writing with the following unique pens and pencils.


Smith & Wesson Military and Police Tactical Pen

The name itself is enough to send shivers down the spine but this pen/weapon packs a lethal punch. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction is enough to “fracture a skull,” according to one reviewer.

Amazon | $24.95


The Inkless Metal Pen

Instead of ink or lead that can smudge or run out, the Inkless Metal Pen adds tiny metal shavings to the page. This means you can write upside down, in inclement weather, and for a very long time.

VAT19 | $27.95


Sharpie Liquid Pencil

This unique Sharpie combines the best attributes of both the pen and pencil: it writes smoothly and erases like a pencil but after 72 hours, the ink changes and becomes permanent.

Amazon | $3.67 (for one)


Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Combine your love of journalism with your love of writing utensils with these cool pencils made from recycled newspaper. | $8.00/24 pack


The Cramp Free Pen

Who knew that all this time we’ve been using pens and pencils that were not ergonomically designed? This pen may reduce the strain on your hand, but you may also get a few curious stares in the newsroom.

Hammacher Schlemmer | $19.95


The Seven Year Pen

The Seven Year Pen, so named because the jumbo cartridge means it lasts up to seven years, is a great idea as long as you don’t lose it or lend it.

Gent Supply Co. | $7.50 each


Hard Candy iPad Stylus and Pen

No need to switch between your writing pen and your iPad stylus with this twofer. Just make sure you don’t write on your iPad with the pen side.

Hard Candy | $34.95