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Five things I’ve learned in 4 years of blogging about journalism [VIDEO]

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How to create a time-lapse video of a Wikipedia page (or any website)

For a post over at the Washington Post’s @innovations blog, I wanted to communicate just how fast Wikipedia users created and populated the Japan earthquake Wikipedia page after the disaster […]

4 Ways to use UMapper to create online maps

UMapper is a freemium tool for building embeddable online maps and is a favorite among tech-savvy journos. Its unique features make it stand apart from similar mapping tools and its […]

404 Pages: How Online Media Make The Most Of Them

A 404 page is the standard web page displayed when an online visitor calls a page that doesn’t exist on the site’s server. The error can happen for a variety […]

4 Cool and easy ways to print your digital photos

In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for rolls of photo film (remember those?) to sit around undeveloped and forgotten. Nowadays, it’s commonplace for digital photos to never leave the […]

Innovative companies you should be watching: UNIQLO

Some of the most exciting innovation in the combination of technology and media happens outside of the journalism industry. Apparel manufacturer UNIQLO is, like many non-journalism companies nowadays, taking the […]

3 iPad apps to help you give better presentations

The problem with most live presentations is that they follow the same boring format: Bullet 1, Bullet 2, Bullet 3, Stop, Make additional point, Next slide, Repeat. Much of the […]

6 Must-see motion graphics

Newsrooms have produced infographics for years and online video is growing more popular by the minute. So why aren’t motion graphics — in essence, a combination of the two media […]

MSNBC: Pushing the envelope of design

Most news websites are pretty much designed in the same style: lots of links arranged into columns with smaller visual elements sprinkled throughout the page. MSNBC, however, frequently breaks out […]

Online ads that don’t suck

For many online media websites, it’s a struggle to balance giving proper display to online advertising and providing a great user experience in which advertising doesn’t compete with the site’s […]