Ben Stiller Directs Yahoo! Web Series Starring His Parents

Ben Stiller is one of entertainment’s funniest guys, and when you see the new web series he’s directing you’ll understand where he gets it. Ben is directing his parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, in a Yahoo! web series called ‘Stiller & Meara’. The weekly series consists of Stiller and Meara talking about everything, from what’s on their minds to what’s in the news and is absolutely hilarious. Read more and check out the first two episodes after the jump.

‘Stiller & Meara’ has two episodes so far. In the first, the Stillers talk about the Internet and the absurdities of Facebook. In the second, they talk about Jersey Shore, which Jerry Stiller (who you may recognize as George Costanza’s father, more than you recognize him as Ben Stiller’s dad) is absolutely sickened by. Sitting in my apartment alone watching this I couldn’t help but (excuse my web-talk) LOL.

These days it seems like old people are in, when it comes to being funny. Earlier this year, actress Betty White made the jump from Golden Girl to Golden Meme and Old Jews Telling Jokes became a hit web series and got a book deal. The Stillers’ series is the next big thing to rear its head in this old folks trend, and I for one am loving it. Check out the first two episodes of ‘Stiller & Meara’ below and let us know what you think in the comments!