Still No Update For My HD7

Ever since Microsoft announced their plans for Windows Phone 7, I’ve been saying that amongst the most important things they will need to do is provide frequent updates that quickly improve the phone. I was happy when I heard that Microsoft was taking a more direct approach to distributing updates and they even at one time suggested that mobile operators would not be involved in the process.
Unfortunately, when it came time to ship Windows Phone 7, Microsoft changed their story about how updates would work, sharing that mobile operators are involved in the process and that operators have the ability to prevent updates from being pushed to phones.
So far the reality is that the update process for Windows Phone 7 is no better than it had been for Windows Mobile. The first update for Windows Phone 7 was released the week of February 21 and here we are nearly three weeks later and my HTC HD7 from T-Mobile has not received the update. In fact, no other HD7 user that I know of has received the update, causing me to conclude that my HD7 will not receive an update until T-Mobile is good and ready to make it available. Reports are that the “NoDo” update, which includes Copy, Cut & Paste support might be released this week, but who knows when HD7 owners will see it.
In my opinion Microsoft clearly has still not learned what it takes to have a successful smartphone. It is not enough to have a different user interface, the entire user experience must be different from what Microsoft has delivered in the past. Apple has set the bar by tightly controlling the iPhone update process so that updates can be pushed to iPhones on Apple’s schedule and not the mobile operator’s schedule. The experience that Apple provides is what smartphone users now expect, and anything less is not going enable Microsoft to have success in the smartphone market.