Stella Artois Urges People to ‘UnCancel’ Plans on Leap Day

The brewer established a $366,000 bank of beer to help pick up the tab

The Stella Leap Day Fund is a $366,000 bank of beer Stella Artois
Headshot of David Cohen

Stella Artois wants people to take advantage of the extra 24 hours they are receiving courtesy of Leap Year.

The company said in an email, “You’ve probably had a friend cancel plans on you recently, or maybe you were the one who sent the ‘raincheck?’ text after realizing you’d rather stay in—because trust us, we’ve been there, too.”

The brewer is enabling people to tap into its Stella Leap Day Fund, a $366,000 bank of beer—$1,000 for each day of the Leap Year—reserved for those who spend time with a friend from Feb. 26 through 29 over a Stella Artois.

People can claim a portion of that fund to cover their Stella Artois purchases, up to a 24-pack, by sharing the video on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #UnCancelPromo and tagging someone (21 or older) whom they would like to spend Leap Day with.

They must follow the Stella Artois accounts on Facebook or Twitter to be eligible. Further details are available here.

Stella Artois also installed digital out-of-home placements in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York featuring QR codes that bring people to the Leap Day film, as well as a countdown reminding them to take advantage of the offer. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.