Staycation is the New Home Invasion


(New York City’s temporary waterfalls are a thrill for vacationers and staycationers alike)

Though the word “staycation” has been around at least since the staid Consumer Reports called it a buzzword back in April, PR tie-ins to mainstream articles and broadcast segments seem to be taking hold in a big way–much the way the term “home invasion” seemed to be attached to every burglary story of 2007.

With gas topping $4 per gallon everywhere, and recession afoot pitchmeisters would be wise to attach the S-word to as many things as possible. We know selecting keywords carefully works. If nothing else, putting ‘staycation’ in a press release or dropping it during a phone call will give pause or chuckle and get your pitch noticed, or forwarded–“Yeah, I think Joe over in House & Home is doing a staycation piece.”

A few searches support our theory. Nexis yields 331 articles and segments over the past month, including money saving tips on the Today Show, NPR, CNN, and CBS.

According to a source at PRNewswire’s Profnet, the journalist-to-source matching service, there have been 5 queries seeking Staycation sources over the last month.

On Peter Shankman’s “Help a Reporter” (a fast-growing competitor to Profnet) there is at least one national writer seeking savvy staycationers:


“It’s a recession economy, which means it’s time for a staycation –
taking a week off of work and spending it at home. But are you
going the extra mile? Got a schedule for checking out local
museums? Going to sport a Hawaiian-print shirt while channel
surfing? Tell me about your staycation plans (or lack thereof).”

Naked Worldwide has Staycation Rules for Manhattan, seemingly a big place for staycations especially with the addition of soothing waterfalls on the east side.

Think of the possibilities for pitches for anything from liquor, lawn furniture, lawn games, movies, gadgets (LED projector for backyard movie viewing perhaps?), local landmark commissions, concert venues, sporting goods, and on and on.

Dear Omaha Steaks, here’s a freebie one for you: “Steakcations.”

Got a great staycation pitch that worked? We’d love to hear about it.