Status Plug Launches Ad Network For Facebook Public Profiles

It was only a matter of time before ad networks began popping up for Facebook public profiles. Earlier today a commenter notified us of a new ad network: Status Plug. The service lets advertisers promote their product or service through targeted public profiles. Best of all, the published content can be video, audio, images, and links. If Facebook completely opens up their public profiles API, this ad network could theoretically become a direct competitor to Facebook’s internal ad network.

Last week we posted about how US Weekly had become the first public profile to obtain a sponsor. This space could soon heat up substantially. There are a number of Twitter ad networks but many have argued that getting paid to endorse a product to a trusted network is misleading. To the critics I’d like to reference the great words of Reel Big Fish: “sell out, with me oh yeah”!

Want to sell out big and not just provide one-off advertisements? Status Plug will broker a deal to sell administrative rights to your Facebook public profile. You can also turn down any advertising offers that come your way. While we don’t know what companies have registered to advertise via public profiles, this definitely makes a lot of sense.

After a number of emails about administrators considering selling their public profiles, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a substantial jump in advertising placements. Considering that many of these public profiles are extremely targeted, it makes a lot of sense to promote via the status updates. It’s similar to a radio commercial: you may not know who’s listening but you know the size of their total listener base.

Would you be willing to sell out your status updates within your public profile? Want to pay me to post a status update on the AllFacebook public profile? I’m always ready to sell out!