State Farm and Postmates Are Delivering Free BBQ-and-French-Fries-Stuffed Burritos to NFL Fans

Aimed at 'housegaters'

Football fans love their big-screen TVs so much that "housegating" is evidently the new tailgating. State Farm, working with agency DDB Chicago, has partnered with courier service Postmates and Chili's to capitalize on this trend today, delivering "Cali BBQ'ritos" to residents in nine cities. 

A Cali BBQ'rito combines smoked chicken—as one could get at a Texas BBQ eatery—with French fries, and those foodstuffs and other ingredients are crammed into a California-style burrito tortilla. On Nov. 27, the first 5,000 people to order one on Postmates will get the item delivered from a Chili's, with all expenses paid by State Farm. They can track the delivery on Postmates' app, as a Postmates icon moves on a map from the restaurant chain's nearest location to their home.

Dubbed "Housegating Delivered," the offer is good in Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orange County, Calif., Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif. The endeavor marks the first time Postmates has partnered with an insurer, and Chili's has never created a custom menu item for a marketing partner. 

"It was a big way to reinforce that State Farm brings the best combinations together for your life," said Ben Gladstone, svp and group business director at DDB Chicago.

State Farm's initiative is being supported by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads, which will begin appearing on Saturday. Additionally, State Farm Roadhouse, a housegating-minded vehicle that the brand is driving around the country to different NFL games this year, will appear in Houston for the Texans' matchup with San Diego as part of the promotion. 

Generally speaking, State Farm, which sponsored music events last summer and focused on social media for Halloween, seems intent on expanding how it meshes offline with digital. 

"When we think about brand experiences, we don't think of them by channel but rather, we create the right experience for the customer in the moment," said Mandy Laux, sponsorship/experiential manager at the Bloomington, Il.-based company. "And 'housegating' is one example of how we do that."