State Farm and Liberty Mutual Dive Into 3-D Ad Tech

Insurers run promos via Adnimation's system

State Farm and Liberty Mutual have begun employing Adnimation's three-dimensional ads, which are GIF-like promos designed to jump off the page more than other rich media units.

Adnimation's promos normally entail a two-part process: A short animation clip followed by a standard 728-pixel-by-90-pixel banner. Marketers can use either a localized text ad—as State Farm does in the aftermath of the promo seen to the right—with the associated image, a graphic banner or a flash banner inside of the ad unit.

Tomer Treves, CEO of Adnimation, a Deerfield, Ill.-based startup, suggested that his stop-action-style ads are similar to pre-roll for standard banners but will perform better due to their 3-D qualities. The visual process of occlusion—where a near object overlaps with another in the distance—is at the center of his tech pitch. 

(You can watch an example here.)

"While 3-D glasses use stereoscopy—giving every eye an image from a slightly different perspective—occlusion is proven to be a much more dominant cue for our brain to attribute to three-dimensional signals," said Treves. "People simply can't believe the resulting 3-D effect. And right then, when they are open to learn more, we offer the ideal advertising message from our partners."

Brands such as State Farm and Liberty Mutual can access Treves' ads via numerous publisher networks. The Jerusalem Post is an example of a publisher that's actually using Adnimation, which said its units are compliant with the Interactive Advertising Bureau rich-media standards.