Starz Debuts Power With Video-Heavy Tweets

Challenges social network's reputation for short-form clips

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Starz will debut a full-length episode of its new drama Power via Twitter tonight after posting a sneak peek that leveraged the social site's one-click video earlier today.

The 50 Cent-produced series doesn’t air until June 7, but you wouldn’t know that based on the number of digital platforms that the show will be available on leading up to the TV premiere. In addition to Twitter, Starz's mobile app, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video and Sony Entertainment Network will also distribute the content this weekend.

Starz posted a one-click video to its @Power_Starz account on Friday afternoon showing the first five minutes of the show. At press time, the tweet had roughly 130 retweets and “likes.”

At midnight tonight, the cable channel will air the full episode in a tweet that includes a YouTube link. One-click video is limited to 10 minutes, which is why Starz will not embed an entire episode into Twitter's native video player.

"Just as Twitter was launching its new in-line video, Starz was premiering the first season of Power," explained Erin Dwyer, executive director for digital marketing at Starz. "We are excited to be the very first series to launch pure show content on Twitter through this product."

The number of brands using the Twitter Card-powered video has grown significantly in the past few weeks. The video format began showing up on Twitter in April and most recently began including a "view more video" option that brands such as Budweiser and Old Navy used to string together individual tweets.

Distributing small bits of content leading up to the premiere of a TV show is not particularly new, but airing an entire episode on Twitter is an interesting move. Over the past year or so, Twitter has been touting the effectiveness of its second-screen advertising products as more viewers tune into social media to talk about the shows that they’re watching.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Twitter affects Starz’s TV viewership on June 7.

Check out the first five minutes of the show below:


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