StartApp passes 150M downloads of its Android-only, bundled search software

Android-only monetization solution StartApp has revealed it has now driven over 150 million downloads of its ad-on search software.

StartApp offers Android developers an alternative revenue stream by allowing them to bundle the company’s search software with their apps. Android users who download an app that integrates the StartApp SDK not only receive their app, but have search icon added to their homescreen, bookmark links added to their mobile browsers, and receive a new browser search home page.

According to StartApp’s FAQ, users are free to delete the search icon and new browser links, but if they end up using StartApp’s software to search the web, the developer will receive a share of the revenue generated. StartApp also pays developers between $10 and $50 for every 1,000 downloads of its software they generate.

Although StartApp’s business model doesn’t provide a great experience for users who suddenly find new icons and shortcuts added to their Android devices, it appears to have resonated with Android developers looking for additional revenue streams. According to the company’s announcement today, over 4,000 Google Play apps have implemented the company’s SDK. In March the company reported it had signed up 1,500 developers and driven 50 million downloads.

To date, StartApp has received over $4.3 million in funding from Ascent Venture Partners and Cedar Fund.