Starbucks: Refills, out; device fills, in

Starbucks announced today that it will soon allow you to fill up your travel mug and your iPod. ipod_mug.jpg

Per Bloomberg, the Death Star of coffee will soon transition from CD burning (where the froth is clearly off the machiato, so to speak) to what Starbucks Entertainment president Ken Lombard calls “device fill up.”

Fascinatingly, today also brought news that new developments under way to match customer tastes across businesses, using knowledge of a customer’s tastes in, say, coffee to try to sell them music, for example.

Per the New York Times Laurie Flynn,

“, an online site for music and, more recently, movies, graphically “maps” shoppers’ potential interests. A search for music by Coldplay, for example, brings up a graphical representation of what previous customers of Coldplay music have purchased, presented in clusters of circles of various sizes.”

slayer RB.jpg

We’ll be fascinated to see where this entertainment-adjacent technology is headed in, say, a year’s time: Viz, “We notice you’ve ordered a Venti Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino Blended Creme! Can we interest you in a download of “Oops, I Did it Again?” Or, “From your purchase of aYukon Blend double espresso, no foam, we can tell that you might also want to brood menacingly over Slayer’s “Decade of Agression!”