Starbucks Pick of the Week Adding Book Excerpts & TV Episodes to the Free Songs & Apps

Social Times’ Bilal Hameed picked up on iPhone apps being added to Starbucks’ Pick of the Week last week. Previously, the program provided a free song from iTunes every week. However, it seems Starbucks wasn’t quite done with making changes to the Pick of the Week program. This week Starbucks announced that in addition to a free song and free app, the Pick of the Week program would also provide free chapters from books from the iBookstore as well as free TV episodes andn “other media types” (presumably music videos).

Pick of the Week: Apps, Books, TV, Music, and More!

Note: The Pick of the Week song from iTunes can be downloaded while in a Starbucks restaurant by visiting the Starbucks Digital Network (SDN). The SDN is only accessible while connected to Starbucks’ free WiFi service. Starbucks’ blog announcement does not indicate if the free apps, book chapters and TV episodes will also be available as a download while on their WiFi network. Given the large size of TV episodes and some apps, I will guess they will not be available for direct download via the SDN.