Starbucks Offers Free Coffee To Voters, Changes PR Stunt Based on Legal Implications


Our brother blog AgencySpy has the scoop on Starbuck’s political PR stunt that went a bit wrong, and has since been readjusted. It sounded like a good idea: offer a free coffee to everyone who voted today. However, there is a federal statute that prohibits any reward for voting.

Starbuck’s spokesperson Tara Darrow told AgencySpy:

“We’ve been excited by the number of positive responses received about our free coffee offer. To ensure we are in compliance with election law, we are extending our offer to all customers who request a tall brewed coffee. We’re pleased to honor our commitment to communities on this important Election Day. We hope there is a record turnout on Tuesday and look forward to celebrating with our customers over a great cup of coffee.”

So, Starbucks changed the campaign to “only give that free cup of Joe to those who ask,” and all is good. Quick thinking, and a crisis averted. Nice work Starbucks PR team.