Starbucks Now Selling Square’s Card Readers

Starbucks has expanded its partnership with Square by offering Square’s  mobile readers for $10 – essentially free if you count the $10 Square rebate. Currently, the mobile readers are already available in stores like Apple and Best Buy. Square users can also order a free mobile reader from their website, which ships via UPS.

The mobile readers from Square allows you to accept credit card payments from your iOS and Android devices with a 2.75% fee per swipe. Businesses can also sign up at $275 per month. These rates are not ideal for large companies but might be helpful if you don’t like using Paypal for one-on-one transactions and next day deposits.

Currently, Square is popular within the coffee and latte market in San Francisco. It won’t be long until every single coffee purchase is processed through the financial start-up.


Via Engadget