Starbucks Mobile Marketing Strategy. And, Where is Their Android App?

appolicious advisor published an interesting interview with Starbucks Innovation’s Chuck Davidson about its mobile marketing strategy.

How Starbucks manages its mobile marketing blend

One of the questions appolicious asked was if an Android mobile payment app would be available. Davidson responded While we don’t have a launch date to share at this time, we can share that we are working on a version for Android.

Interestingly, I asked Adam Brotman, Starbucks VP for Digital Ventures, the same question last September (2010) during a Q&A session after his presentation at the ThinkMobile conference. The answer then (a bit over eight months ago) was the same.

Get Ready for Starbucks Digital Network This Fall – Optimized for Tablets

Starbucks’ Davidson noted that the myStarbucks information app was developed internally while the myStarbucks mobile payment app was developed by mFoundry.

Davidson dodged appolicious’ question about whether Starbucks considers the iPad and other tablets more in line with smartphones or PC/Mac-based web browsing. However, Starbucks’ Adam Brotman clearly stated that the Starbucks Digital Network website (only visible while in a Starbucks facility) was optimized touch-friendly for tablets and specifically for the iPad.

As for the most requested feature for the Starbucks mobile payment app? Davidson said it is the ability to transfer card balances to a favorite card.

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