Star salaries wane, accountabilty the new frivolity?

Reuters has had a peek at the new EW which should hit stands tomorrow.

Though Jim and Nicole and Eddie probably already know it, the news is not good for them:

“after years of ever-rising star salaries, the prices for top talent are now coming down because the cost of making movies is going up, among other issues. “It’s long overdue,” former Twentieth Century Fox Chairman Bill Mechanic told the magazine. Entertainment Weekly quoted several studio executives as saying the rising cost of production has led many stars to take large parts of their fees from revenue and profit participation that may never materialize if films flop at box offices.”

You mean, if you don’t deliver, you don’t get paid? Wow – as a freelancer, I’m totally unfamiliar with that concept.

Incidently, Bill: You wanna know what’s really “long overdue?” Your self-financed film company.