Stackmob Raises $7.5 Million to Power Back-End Development for Mobile Apps

Stackmob, a San Francisco-based startup that aims to save mobile developers time on building out infrastructure, raised $7.5 million in a round led by Trinity Ventures. Existing investors Harrison Metal and Baseline Ventures also participated.

“At the core of what we offer is the ability to create your own API very easily. You can go in and create and manage different types of objects like user names and addresses,” said Ty Amell, the company’s chief executive and co-founder, who managed imeem’s front-end and mobile teams. “We’re making a three-month process take one minute.”

Stackmob’s also doing some basic analytics for iOS apps that help developers understand who their most valuable users are, whether they are the ones sending the most e-mails, Facebook message or tweets that attract other users. It’s also possible that they’ll add tools around virtual goods and currencies in the near future. While the company’s focused on iOS at the moment, Android is on the horizon. Blackberry and HTML5 are longer-term options too.

Amell says Stackmob can handle 1,500 operations a second on a single API. “We’ve built this platform from the ground up with scalability in mind,” he said.

At the moment, the service is still in beta with 200 apps on the platform and there are 1,000 developers on the company’s waiting list. Stackmob will ultimately use a freemium model with a lower-tier version offering a limited number of users and objects to developers.

Dan Scholnick, a general partner at Trinity, joins Stackmob’s board. The company currently has seven employees and will be up to 10 by the end of the month.