St. Petersburg Mayor Tweets to Ban All Trumps From His City

Here's a guy that understands his constituents!

If you’re not from St. Petersburg, Fla., you may not be familiar with the name Rick Kriseman.

He is the 53rd Mayor of the Sunshine City, formerly a state representative, and apparently not a fan of the GOP frontrunner and blowhard, Donald Trump.

Following Trump saying that he wants a  “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” — including visitors, Muslim Americans currently abroad and refugees, many people have (finally) begun to reconsider the real estate tycoon and businessman.

And then shots fired from Kriseman, with a tweet of all things:

Not just Donald, but Don Junior, Ivanka, Eric, that one Trumpette no one talks about, Baron (when he’s of age), and all his exes. “All Trumps” pose a threat, so the progenitor has to go. Mr. Mayor, what say you?

“You make a ridiculous statement, so you answer with a ridiculous statement,” Kriseman said. “There are some people who thought I was seriously going to ban Donald Trump from St. Petersburg, and that’s obviously not something I would try to do. But his statement was kind of ridiculous, so I thought that it deserved an equal response.”

Mic. Drop. Times. Infinity.